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In Need of Seawall Construction, Repair or Replacement? Call (860)-333-6063 to Find a Contractor in your Area!

Seawall Construction Professionals (860)-333-6063


Sea wall Construction in Connecticut.

Whether your seawall has become unstable from years of wear and tear or was damaged in hurricane Irene or hurricane Sandy, we can help!

Find someone with years of experience in seawall construction both in residential and commercial properties, our contractors can ensure that your property will be taken care of speedily, professionally, and 100% legally. From blueprints to permits, our licensed and trained contractors used will take care of your property.

The Contractors Specialize in:

  • Seawall Construction
  • Bulkhead Construction
  • Riprap
  • Metal Sheet piling
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Erosion Control
  • Much More!

Worried your seawall or bulkhead is not up to code? We can help you find licensed engineers who will ensure that your seawall will pass all local requirements and most importantly keep your property safe!  You should always pull a permit before starting any work on the SeaWall.  Good News is we can help you get through the paperwork and get the job done promptly.

Our company is well equipped for any job, big or small. Seawall construction normally requires excavation and heavy machinery. To ensure the job is done properly, call the professionals at (860)-333-6063.

We serve the great state of Connecticut.

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